SWT AR-15 Magazine Review. We Broke That SWT A$$

This magazine is total crap.
Do not waste your money.

9 thoughts on “SWT AR-15 Magazine Review. We Broke That SWT A$$”

  1. I have some of these and have had no such problem. They do work better with 29 rounds instead of 30, because of the heavy spring in them.

  2. I wouldn't be too harsh on these magazines. I had seating issues with these straight out of the box. At first, they wouldn't seat with the bolt close. Then the bolt carrier would get caught halfway against the magazine (GI heavy bolt carrier) and have to hit the forward assist a few times to get the bolt seated in the chamber. The the magazine would screw with my magazine release (almost couldn't release the magazine). This is all with one magazine! I tried the next magazine with the same issues.

    I was about to scrap them as a loss until I tried them in my AR-Pistol. No problem whatsoever. I didn't even have to stripper-slap the bottom of the magazine hard. I loaded 3 rounds in each of my SWT magazines, inserted the magazine with the bolt closed, removed the magazine, locked the bolt back, insert the magazine, let the bolt chamber a round, then let the bolt extract the rounds, then remove the magazine. I did this for all my magazines (12) and had no problem. Then when I tried to do the same for my regular AR, the magazines worked perfectly. Then I took the rifle and pistol to the range and had no issues with insertion, removing, chambering nor extracting.

    So what's the deal with these magazines?
    1. Needs to be broken in a bit.
    2. Sometimes the problems may be the slight variation is rifle/parts specs. The magazines were easy to insert in my AR Pistol that has an Anderson lower, but a lot tighter in comparison for my Mega Arms lower for my rifle.
    3. Possible issues could be the magazine catch being too tight or too loose.
    4. I don't believe the QA department is doing a great job though. The top of the spine of the magazine is cut into a tight V-shape, where PMAGS have it squared off. If you run into issues of the bolt carrier not going all the way forward when you charge the handle, then you might want to cut it to match a PMAG.

    Overall, I would say "this magazine is great IF you know how to finish it." I would dub these magazines as "99%ers." They just aren't quite there yet and you have to break them in and/or do slight mods to get them up to snuff. Plus you have to take into account that not all AR lowers and parts are made equal as well.

  3. I can't believe somebody would say that thing gives magpul a run for the money… Oh well people say tapco ak triggers are good triggers so people slew shit all the time

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