Takedown 9mm AR Pistol – Range Test

In this video I take my custom built takedown/collapsible 9mm AR pistol to the range for the first time in this final configuration.

This thing folds up small enough to fit in a 50cal ammo can or large carry bag!

It’s a blast to shoot!

Here’s links to the parts:

DOLOS AR15 Quick-Detach Barrel System

Phase 5 HEX-2 AR-15 Pistol Buffer Tube

Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 3

New Frontier Armory 9mm AR parts

New Frontier Armory

Spinta Precision 9mm bolt & barrels

Here’s a link to the close-up video of this gun:

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Thanks for watching!!

43 thoughts on “Takedown 9mm AR Pistol – Range Test”

  1. Yea, shouldering a stabilizing brace is no longer an issue with the ATF, even they realized that trying to enforce the "don't shoulder me bro" policy would be completely insane.

  2. You asshats on every damn AR video talking about this shouldering bullshit need to kick rocks. A. Who the fuck cares it's his damn gun. He knows what kind of shit he can get his self into by shouldering. B. ATF doesn't give a shit about shouldering anymore C. It's still his fucking gun!! It's like some of you assholes wake up just to troll AR videos and tell them "YOU BETTER NOT SHOULDER THAT WEAPON!

  3. I wonder if they make a compact integrally suppressed version of this.. But A quick detach can in K config would also do the trick! That is the only thing keeping this rig from being perfect!

  4. I really like what you have done! I am an FFL who's business centers around the concealed carry industry. This is something that the industry really could use. Is there anyone doing this besides you

  5. hey. how did you get the law tactical buffer extension inserted into your 9mm bcg with the weight taking up that space? please help, can't figure this part out

  6. I'm like 1:45 into this video an i can barely watch the rest of it! wow…bub you need some SERIOUS training and gun handling skills….!!! idk if i can force myself to watch the rest…

  7. hello, I have this setup myself with a few different parts, but im curious how you keep the barrel from moving around underneath the handguard?

  8. Is your barrel loose? Like does it move up and down if you press on the barrel, a bit of a wiggle?

  9. Awesome video building something like it what picatinny rails mounted on the hand guard?

  10. Why are you guys, GUN KNOW_IT_ALLS so stupid??
    Why do you think his video isn't taken down? Why do you think the ATF didn't come to haul him off to the HOOSCOW???
    Because you are all ignorant morons. That's why….
    Hey man brace it against your ballsack next time….

  11. 1st TY for the VID. after reading all the comments I see an indicated price range from $500-$1200?I KNOW you are stating each source for the items but would you be kind enough to update with links as I am having trouble RELIABLY (i.e. making 100% sure that I am correctly) sourcing parts.TY IN ADVANCE.

  12. im not a "gun person" but if i ever move out of the city and own a home, i think this would be suitable for protection against invasions. . . .and zombies

  13. I'm curious about the price and availability of this build compared to the Keltec Sub2000 unicorn gun.

  14. It says right on the ATF form that shouldering the brace does not change it's function.

    Shoulder away.

  15. I hate to be that guy, but not clearing the weapon properly is how bad shit happens. Drop mag then pull slide to the rear and visually check. Nice SBR and fuck what anyone says about "shouldering it".

  16. The impulse on the shoulder is pretty clear. Take this video down dude. Don't want you to get in trouble.

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