Tennessee Arms Clear Polymer AR15 Lower with Adams Arms Piston Up…

Tennessee Arms Ghost Gun Clear Polymer Lower Receiver $59

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Adams Arms 16″ Base Piston Upper

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Magpul Fixed Carbine Stock $27 at grabagun.com

15 thoughts on “Tennessee Arms Clear Polymer AR15 Lower with Adams Arms Piston Up…”

  1. Great video. Polymer lowers bring out the most ignorant trolls. I wish you had just deleted their comments. They add NOTHING to the discussion.
    Have you seen THIS video? Hard to hear in some areas, but VERY interesting…and impressive!

    Have you tried the Mag Pods yet? I wish they were less expensive. I would buy one for EVERY mag I owned. Great idea!

  2. Think about polishing the lower to make it near perfectly transparent. How cool would that be? Neat that you used the semi-clear magazine too. I'm thinking an all bare stainless and aluminum alloy build would be neat to see. Using the piston upper to help keep crud out of the lower was smart too.

  3. That will break after 5 mags.
    Look into videos of guys who made one out of carbon fiber it cracked all the time.

  4. I agree with TruthSeeker. Probably don't rest the gun on the mag, you can see the whole thing flexing whenyou shoot

  5. It works,just looks weird . And I bet the clear view will dull and haze over after a while- but by then you could paint it…

  6. Glad I'm seeing someone shooting with one of these polymer lowers…. It actually stayed in one piece 😀 interesting.

  7. Interesting and would make a great instruction aid to show people how ar15s actually work. I hope the polymer holds up there. I do hear stuff about the frames not being durable like aluminum billet frames.

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