The AR-15: Exploring America’s Most Wanted Rifle, Part 2 | AJ+ Do…

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A shooting in Washington state provides a window into America’s obsession with the AR-15. In the summer of 2016, a 19-year-old in a Seattle suburb gunned down three peers with a rifle that he called “a symbol of power.” Increasingly popularized by movies and video games, the AR-15 has become a weapon of choice in some of America’s bloodiest mass shootings.

AJ+’s documentary series Guns in America explores how fear and power define Americans’ relationship with guns. The six-part series examines the controversy over assault rifles, guns in schools, the rise of concealed carry, the NRA’s new agenda, smart guns and record shooting rates in Chicago.

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32 thoughts on “The AR-15: Exploring America’s Most Wanted Rifle, Part 2 | AJ+ Do…”


  2. This guy is why gun laws will never change. And, it doesn’t happen all over the world, not everybody in the world are idiots.

  3. In My Country there are also no Guns allowed, when you got a Gun no matter how small the GSG9 or SEK will swat you down and put you into jail.
    Also all kinds of weapons are forbidden even Tactical knifes, Swords,…. you can buy them but not wearing them.
    We have also no shooting, this is very very rare when someone got an illegal gun or uses a gun meant fur hunting but even with this it is hard to kill. When there is a crime mostly be done with knives, but mostly everyone can hide or defend or survive a knife attacker.

  4. This series makes it seem like AR15s are something new and upNcoming. As if they are some new threat to society, like people ate just now going out and buying them, and especially because Trump was elected. Nothing could be further from the truth. Millions of these rifles have been owned and people been buying and building em for decades and decades. This is all just new to many newer anti gunners who are new to the fight against freedom while overstimulated by the media and their social media constant flows of anti gun scary rifle stuff. Its been outright foolish to make it a standard to spotlight the rifle and demonise its existence of ownership by millions of citizens.

  5. ohhh really what a nice toy to buy! I will never and won't even try to understand you Americans….

  6. I am already at the point of "another mass shooting in the USA" eye roll – its insane nothing gets done every-time

  7. im still waiting for the special on the high powered assault rifles with high capacity magazines they promised. they only showed a semi modern rifle.

  8. Okay folks there's something you need to know about AJ+. It's basically the media/propaganda arm of Katar ?? (they are also partners of the Young Turks network). So it's not surprising that this is fake news and propaganda. Shameful.

  9. I wouldn't exactly say that the AR-15 is the most coveted weapon in the U.S. I would really like to have an M16 more. Less moving parts.

  10. You're diagram for the definition of an assault weapon is wrong. The ar15 by design and specifically the model of ar15 used for the diagram does not have a folding stock due to the use of the buffer system. The buffer tube which houses the buffer spring and buffer is the part the stock mounts to. It slides. It does not fold in any way whatsoever. By spending $250 one could purchase an adapter to make the ar15 stock fold, but that would be a modification to the original design which is what this is all about. The diagram is wrong so you guys should probably either correct that or take the video down all together.

  11. If you honestly believe that you can ban assault weapons, you'd be wrong. Good luck taking millions of firearms from your own citizens.

  12. rifles kill 250 people a year handguns kill over 6,000 if they really thought banning guns would save lives they would focus like 99% of their efforts on handguns… it isnt about saving lives its about getting rid of the guns that would most commonly be used in a revolution. im not saying i want a revolution to happen but its just a fact that a rifle is more effective than a handgun so obviously any government wants to reduce threats to itself and banning rifles gets rid of a massive threat. like i said if they really thought banning guns would save lives they would ban handguns and hardly ever mention rifles since the stats show that rifles are rarely used in homicides compared to handguns.

  13. 1:21 talking about games increasing the popularity of AR-15'S and it shows a fictional full auto gun from the halo series… what a weak documentary. they seriously couldn't get a clip of an m16 or m4 from battlefield or call of duty etc ofc those are select fire but they are closer to the AR15 than that Halo gun lol…

  14. AJ+ funded by Qatar spewing regressive talking points. The only reason to watch any of this is to keep up with the regressives and their anti-gun propaganda.

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