The Best AR-15 Pistol Grip: Ergo Grips

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Best AR-15 / M4 Pistol Grip: “Ergo Grip”

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20 thoughts on “The Best AR-15 Pistol Grip: Ergo Grips”

  1. The pistol grip is great! I will pass on any Maxwell grip.Just my opinion.If it works for you Go for it.

  2. Thank you sootch, you gotta be one of the very few that call your tool buy the correct name! Thank you it’s a hex key, Allen was the name of the company, many still call them Allen wrench’s!!! I digress

  3. omg… I had a staff sergeant like this guy when I was in the grunts. He wanted us to shout the saying from the gladiator after every platoon meeting, "strength and honor." Im so glad he was gone by the time transformers came out, we might have been shouting "there's more than meets the eye," or what ever they say lol.

  4. sniper applications. because that's what makes the sniper the big chunk of rubber on the bottom of the pistol grip. I have never seen a military sniper with any kind of big bulky pistol grip lol. oh year call of duty calls that a sniper pistol grip.

  5. I just built a lower receiver with an Ergo grip.  I am on the fence if I like it.  The sides of the grip near the trigger need to be sanded down so it's more flush with the frame.  Something about it and my finger/thumb always brush up against it and it feels odd..  I have a Miad on my other Ar and love how it feels.  I have to shoot with this one just to be 100% sure but something is just off with it.

  6. I just put Ergogrips on my build a couple of weeks ago. They came with a Spike's enhanced LPK. They are freakin wonderful! Everybody I have had put them in their hand has loved it. That pistol grip is DA BOMB!

  7. I've got an Ergo grip on my Radical Firearms pistol and It is the most comfortable I've experienced so far! This will be one of the top choices for my first AR build!

  8. got a very cheap chinese no name grip like that…the rubber is sticky and really feels good in the hand

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