The lower for my “commie” build

I decided to build a 7.62×39 caliber AR-15. This is a show and tell of the lower receiver not a “how to” video

33 thoughts on “The lower for my “commie” build”

  1. Yeah thanks to you I spent a bunch more $ to go this same route & I got the matching timber creek keymod foregrip, it's killing me waiting for the few parts to get assembling! Was going to stick to regular boring black theme until I saw this video!

  2. Certainly not my taste. But hey, it's a free country so I can't tell you what to do! At least you're a freedom loving American who appreciates his 2nd amendment rights.

  3. How does the Timber Creek Outdoors grip match as far as the hue/color to the Strike Industries Red Line buffer? I had to send the Tyrant mod 2 Chevron grip back because it looked burgundy next to the SI Red Line parts. Good looking build.

  4. Ohhhh! Red anodized parts mixed with stock black parts. . . Beautiful!!!
    Red and Black is a perfect color combination!

    Another perfect combination is black and blue, so do you know anyone who makes blue anodized parts for the AR-15? Because after watching this video, I want some!

    Edit: Maybe a medium to dark blue, NOT powder blue. Thanks!

  5. Looks bad ass! im usually about the tactical colors but that looks great like something you would see in a movie like Deadpool.

  6. Looks kinda Commie ta me,… ya aught ta eventually cerakote it… make it Commie tough

  7. That looks fantastic brother, somehow I missed this one and had to look it up. Great job!!

  8. EXCELLENT choices on this build my good man! I felt guilty the whole time I was copying down the info so I could copy it to a "T" I am a big Black/.Red fan and I just picked up a Bear Creek Commie upper and it ran like a T37, so now I have to hot rod this thing into an eye catching, 30cal AR hog dropper! Thanks for the info, and HAVE FUN! G.

  9. Exciting Video! I liked the way you showed all the parts in the package, so I could tell what they are, before you assembled them. Looking forward to the next vid!!!

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