The Secret of “1911 Builders” 80% 1911 Build Kit! Unboxing!

The 80% 1911 Build Kit Finally Arrived From 1911 Builders!
We’ve been working with “1911 Builders” on this project since December of 2016.

We’re excited to bring you another “Built Not Bought” Series, and this time we actually have to build it.

Due to new guidelines, all Coupon Codes, Build List, and Links Mentioned have been Removed to Comply with YouTube’s New Community Guidlines. However…!!?

Due to YouTube’s New Policies I Deleted All Build Tutorials.
However, The 80% 1911 Build Tutorials will be Uploaded at

The Build List and Coupon Codes Can Be Found Here ?
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37 thoughts on “The Secret of “1911 Builders” 80% 1911 Build Kit! Unboxing!”

  1. Y'all are out of your minds charging so much. What kind of assholes do that? Why don't you grow a set and stop being such douche canoes? Almost two grand for a damn unfinished pistol? You guys are fucking crazy.

  2. My God… I can't believe you just no shit dropped that hammer on a 1911 you don't own.
    You'd be mopping rain water until I was tired for that atrocity.
    Get some etiquette.

  3. If youve never had or shot a 1911, how the heck do you know that you prefer the strike industries thumb grooves??? I get it though. It's all entertainment.

  4. Tactical Toolbox So you ordered in December of 2016 and received it in April of 2017? What is the usual turn around time?


  6. I am thinking of buying the 1911 Builders kit.  Do you have a referral code for them…?

  7. Yeah great looking project. The price tag though is tough to convince myself to purchase it. But it looks fun!

  8. I have a nice ruger 1911 that I paid $700.00 for. I take it apart and put it back together all the time.

  9. Am I right…
    Did someone actually take the time to put one
    Packing peanut in the box…?

  10. I thought you put the handle on the 1911 to make it fully automatic….. said my liberal friend!!???

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