The ….TRUTH…. about ZQI Ammunition. ZQ1 / ZQ / ammo / AR-15 /…

ZQI AMMO….THE TRUTH…Its what we all want. I have shot 1000’s of rounds of this ZQI ammunition in many different rifles and pistols. I will discuss my findings & give you the real scoop on this stuff.

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  1. It's now 2018 and i've never seen this at my walmart but i shoot .380acp, 30 Carbine and .357mag.

  2. These are in NATO standards, tested in NATO standards, produced at the same line with the ammunitions for Turkish Military. You can use them in any compatible NATO rifle. MKE ammunition also have hardened tungsten steel penetrator at the top. So; these are military stuff. If you actually want to see the production facility and quality testing:

  3. You might want to consider this: Turkey is run my a muslim dictator. He has a habit of locking people up because he doesn't like how they think. The followers of Islam are currently infiltrating Europe with the stated intent of displacing/eliminating Christianity and democratic government in favor of draconic muslim law.

    Purchasing this ammunition supports this dictator and his favored religion. If that is what you want to do, go for it. We still have a choice…

  4. My local Walmart made a huge pricing mistake and I picked up the 1200 round can for $21!!!
    No kidding!
    It shoots just fine, even if every other shot failed, at that price I'd be happy.

  5. why did Walmart stop selling this brand, it was awesome, I shot 1 inch group at 100 yards , with ease. I even reloaded the brass. clean shooting ammo

  6. Review? Not a review. He just likes it. Was wondering why my last batch of 1000 rounds of 5.56 had majority of primers falling out as i fired them.

  7. Probably most of NATO Country Armies already used that ammo(s). please remember: they are for troops, not presicion, you can stash 'em 100 years long. 🙂

  8. Shot about 2 boxes of ZQ1 today yea it functions in my DPMS as for MOA i don't think so best I got was 8 in group at 100 yards then I shot some thru my Savage 110 FP groups went down to about 6 in. Then I shot my reloads thru both guns what aa difference groups went back down to 1 in the only thing I would use this stuff for is blasting ammo

  9. Sgammo has zqi and many other calibers for great prices.I found them online and dont buy ammo from anywhere but them now.

  10. The prices are a good deal lower than you talk about in the video. I bought a 1200 round case for $360 or about $9 a box of 30. The 9mm runs like $9.19 a box of 50. I started off buying at Wal Mart as well. After running it for a while I made the decision to buy in bulk. The way both are sealed makes it a good ammo to store for the long term. I've watched some chrono videos and it's very fast and consistent

  11. Ya know magtech isn't a bad non USA ammunition manufacturer on the cheap. Sure Walmart probably won't carry it but enough places do to make it worth a mention.

  12. your right man I just bought this stuff yesterday and I love the 9mm. I find it an I will buy it and your right on the price for this.

  13. Bought some in 7.62×51 "308". It shot great and for $7.47 20rds a box from Wal-Mart! Great practice rds or surplus. You cant beat it!

  14. I just had to throw away four boxes of ZQI 9mm ammo because the brass casings, after being fired, would expand to the point of becoming wedged in the barrel. I'd then have to use pliers to remove the shell. This happened over and over again. Finally I just chucked all the ammo into the garbage.

  15. I'm using the 9mm and it has been great stuff, being that it is from a NATO factory and made to NATO specs it functions well with military stock pistols ——- the primers are quite a bit harder than commercial primers ! …….. no problems at all for me.

  16. Can't beat this ZQI , sucks Walmart quit carrying it , we only had the 7.62 x51 …never saw the 30 round 556 .. that was a great buy for those that could get it … Cheap brass case ammo that shoots this good is nearly a thing of the past .. And for those unfortunate ones that live in Communist liberal run Ca , all ammo is gonna be hard to get unless you drive outta state , …. your Declaration of Independence gives specific ORDERS as what to do to government when they become tyrants …. But again cowards get what they deserve… Freedom will prevail …

  17. Some retards comparing the SAAMI Standarts to NATO Standarts and saying that this ammo doesnt have SAAMI standarts. well ? am just sitting here and watching how stupid you can be! the armies of 28 country (inclueded US) buying and producing their weapons and ammunation in NATO standarts and you retards complaining in here that this ammo doesnt have SAAMI standarts. the fucking navy seal, delta force, fucking marines are using this ammo but hey its not good enough for a fucking hillbilly who shoot 50 cartrigdes per month! cmon guys just be fucking reasonable! paying 12$ to 20 cart. SAAMI standarts ammo or the 9.97$ for 30 cart. NATO standarts.

  18. I am completely baffled at the racism that happens, as if the only countries that make terrorist have deserts…yet no one says shit about domestic terrorist like all of the racist "militias" in our own nation

  19. Thank you! I will no longer pass it up. I also thought;…hmmmmmmm Turkish ammunition….. Might be mildly corrosive… Ah, buy the US made Brand-X. This looks like great training ammo, or "In case of" ammunition.Thank you!God bless!j

  20. Free market is free market. And if penguins make better ammo at a reasonable price, Im buying.

  21. i agree 100%. its some damn good, reliable & pretty damn good accuracy for the price. But like everything else out there, when you can buy better things for a cheaper price that puts a strangle hold on the american made ammunition which is shitty and way over priced. they dont want you to get your moneys worth. they wanna take the good shit off the shelf so what your left with is way over priced american made ammo or over priced shitty russian made tul-ammo. tul-ammo is decent ammunition. but its steel cased and over priced. that shit should be $5 for a box of 20 but it isnt. its $11-12 with tax which is bullshit.

  22. Screw Walmart. Support your local real gun stores .. Best in Las Vegas is Ventura arms……… Ammo website is : Tons of bargain priced ammo always in stock. No limit. Buy as much as you want. Tons of Armscorp .22 long rifle ammo $45.00 for a brick of 500 rounds. Store at the corner of Valley View and Russell.

  23. The brass is good, it cycles and ejects with no problems. As far as accuracy the 7.62×51 is garbage. This isn't a accurate round even at 50 yds. You get what you pay for. Would not recommend this ammo if your all about pin point shooting.

  24. My Wal-Mart still sells the 762 ZQI but not the 556. They even have 1000 rounds cans of it. Love this stuff!

  25. Haven't seen any more of this ammo at WalMart and I generally don't like buying ammo at WalMart anyway but when they have sales you can't pass up the price. I did find this ammo on my online ammo dealer ( and they usually have the cheapest prices around! Also, ( carries it. Happy shooting!

  26. Have ran this through my Polytech M14 with no issues , feeds and extracts relabily, good clean ammo with a price that's hard to beat . I just bought a 640 round case from Aim Surplus for $280 , plus 15 to ship so $295 to my door I'm more than pleased .

  27. Turkey is a NATO country so yes this is good quality NATO ammunition made in a NATO ammunition plant.

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