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  1. My advice to you and anyone else who is willing to listen is to function test any magazines you buy. Having a nice stockpile is good, but I would rather know that they will work when I need too. Also, test them with all the different brands of ammo you may load them with. You don't want to discover you have issues with a magazine you just opened from the plastic and you are in a life or death situation.

  2. Love my AR(CORE Rifle systems) Thinking about getting a 300BLK out 10 inch barrel with the kak shockwave brace. Great video man!

  3. I agree these prices have never been cheaper ! Even 22LR is plentiful in North Carolina for the first time in years ! PSA is killing it this week ! I bought some metal D&H 30 Rd mags for $6.99 last week and a complete lower build kit with a magpul STR stock and the polished trigger group for $129! Just the stock by itself runs around $75 ! Got a S&W 9mm for $199 after the rebate with free shipping ! As always on point my Brother !

  4. One can never have too many AR's. I need to start building at least 2 more.

  5. Good video DC! I agree, now is the time to buy. Nice AR-15. I have 1 AR-15 and a pair of AR-10s (.308). I prefer the AR-10 over the AR-15. I love both of mine. Happy 4th of July! 🙂

  6. You are right about that. All the attacks we have been having should be a sign to people to buy all they can, when they can!

  7. Yes, I agree. In fact, I'd recommend AR-15 chambered in .308
    IN FACT, I'd be stocking up on quality reloading equipment. Brass – bullets – smokeless ball powder and quality reloaders.
    But stay off the gunbroker.com stuff and stay connected with NRA sanctioned gun club bulletin boards for sales.

  8. Assembled my AR "Frankenstein" from wherever I could find parts right before the election, because my YouTube subscribers encouraged me to do so. Thanks for a great video DC! I am thinking a lot of the companies that build AR's built A LOT in anticipation Hillary was going to win "by a landslide" as the media predicted. Now they have a lot of overstock, and need to move inventory.

  9. Good rifle set up and great advice Midway has been really selling magpul magazines cheap this year 8.99 the last sale.

  10. bought my lower at PSA for $129 and my upper 16" 1:7 for $169 without BCG or handle.. still waiting on my lower. Palmetto taking their damn time still processing.. received my upper I didn't see any blemishes like they said there would be. Happy so far..

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