Tips on building a reliable 7.62×39 AR-15

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  1. What type of crappy suppression is that….. sounds darn near the same as without the suppressor ???? U should wet it ?

  2. love my x39 ar build. run perfect you are correct CPD mags is what you need. question tho, why 28 rnd cpd mags instead of their 30round mags

  3. I couldn't hear the name of the BCG. My hearing has been shot out. What's the company you got the BCG from or the website?

  4. I run the same barrel with a red x BCG.Palmetto LPK with there EPT trigger and a WOLFF XP buffer spring.I modified my feed ramps to be more like one big ramp and she runs Tulammo 154g SP'S and every other ammo even rusty old Wolff I had layin around

  5. Maybe this is a dumb question but I don't know anything about 7.62 builds, but can you run any lower and upper combination you want with this build aside from the parts mentioned? For example a lower and upper for a 5.56 build ?

    thanks for you time.

  6. I've got one of these in a carbine length and am building another in mid length using the faxon barrel with f marked a2 front sight and a vg6 gamma 300 blk muzzle brake. The midlength one will have an aim surplus qpq nitride bolt with lifetime warranty and the other carbine length one I have a toolcraft qpq nitride bolt with it. Both will have elftmann service triggers. The one with faxon barrel will be my home defense gun. It'll have a yhm upper and spikes tactical punisher lower with bcm enhanced parts kit. It'll have troy flip up rears and an xs tritium white stripe front. The optic on it will be an aimpoint pro with American defense mount and 3x magnifier, it'll have a battle arms development badass safety lever and a bcm ambidextrous gunfighter charging handle. On the carbine length it's a er shaw phosphate hbar on an ar stoner upper and Anderson lower with ar stoner lpk. I'm going to use it for hunting and plan to use an American defense recon mount with a Leatherwood hilux cmr 1-4×24. I only use cpd mags in 20 and 28 rounders. The carbine length one has functioned flawlessly with tula, monarch, brown bear, Chinese, it seems to like red army standard best. Golden tiger I initially had light primer strikes on because I had a 4 pound hammer spring on it. When I changed the hammer spring out for standard milspec spring golden tiger no longer became an issue. I am still amassing parts for the midlength faxon build and hope to have it completed around spring or summer 2018.

  7. Thank you for the informative video! My setup is slightly different. I'm running 30 round cpd and d&h magazines with a h2 buffer and xp spring both from kaw valley. Feeds flawlessly and locks back everytime.

  8. Just by the video title, it assumes the 7.62×39 caliber in the AR platform isn't reliable. He is correct. Just buy an AK47 and kiss reliability issues goodbye.

  9. fuck building one. I just bought an awesome ar in 7.62×39 for $500 shipped with lifetime warranty and sub moa barrel from Bear creek arsenal. go to their websight, get one or 5. these are awesome. shoots cheep Tula and wolf and way better than an ak. i love it. if you don't want to fuck around and just get one do it. i am so happy with what i got. wish i could get 5 more. might do so as an investment

  10. You hit the nail on the head for making a good reliable AR-47. Key part's that need to great quality BCG, enhanced firing pin, C Products Defense mags, and well made M4 feed ramps. Great video. I love my AR-47 so much fun to shoot.

  11. Only bear for me has been trying to get subs to run in a 7" pistol gas upper. You guys played with shorties/ pistol gas at all? Adjusting your A1680 load to accommodate?

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