Top 5 AR-15’s Under $500 Dollars

This video takes a look at the 5 best AR-15 s , that are built well and are so cost effective , they all come in under $500 dollars.

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45 thoughts on “Top 5 AR-15’s Under $500 Dollars”

  1. Well…that's typical. A lot of manufacturers leave sights off of guns. They figure people are only going to replace
    factory sights with their fave flave aftermarket stuff anyway. So, if a body gets a break on the original purchase
    of the rifle, buying really good usable sights is easier to justify…so, thanks ever so much for the list, and may
    God bless you folks at GFG.

  2. I own an ATI titan, and I can tell you regardless of the price I'll never purchase another ATI firearm. I've had numerous problems including the barrel link breaking off during fire. Sent it back for repair and then replaced the spring assembly with a kimber one and still having issues with FTF at least a couple times per mag. ATI is pure junk, in my opinion.

  3. I love your channel and am subscribed , but do you always wear a suit lol ? Despite that , I love what you're all about !!!

  4. Can you do one for those of us in the Commie states like Commiefornia for instance? I'd like to get into these things but I have no idea what to get or where to go.

  5. I’m in New York State getting bad here for law abiding citizens to be able to defend themselves from the criminals!!!!

  6. Mine was over a thousand but I got a. Timney trigger in it and rf85 treated real smooth functioning gun clean or dirty

  7. Oh yeah I got an AR-15 down the street that some guy selling in his pawn shop for about $345

  8. I thought for sure you would include the M&P sport. You had mentioned in another video that you own it? Isn’t that one under $500 as well and how would that compared to these?

  9. Thanks! But I would appreciate it if you put text in your videos and maybe list the guns in the description.

  10. You might want to add the Diamondback DB15CCB. I have found a ton of places selling this AR for less than $500 and it's winner. Accurate and durable. Also comes with a free float hand guard which is not only functional but looks great too. Mine is accurate and has a pretty nice crisp trigger right out of the box. I have fired several hundred rounds thru mine without fail.

  11. The DPMS Oracle was $700 when I bought it in 2016, but your right it is a great and accurate rifle.

  12. S&W mp sport 2.$ 479.00 wit iron sights bolt assist and dust cover Smokey mt.knive works Sevierville tn

  13. Wow this guy is awesome. God loving, Gun loving, and gets right to the point. Great video just subscribed.

  14. I can say I really Like the Bear Creek Arsenal ar chambered in 7.62×39. mill spec, lifetime warranty. perfect finish, and very very accurate. Loves cheap steel ammo. Much harder hitting than 5.56. exceptional priced. If you want something stronger or are considering an ak then I would suggest this rifle. Way better than an ak and in my opinion a better caliber round.

  15. Thanks and again this is the time if there ever was one to build your arsenal . If you don't have a gun now is the time to arm yourself.

  16. Buds gun shop wouldn't let me have the DPMS Oracle for $500 cause of 6 position stock and birdcage flash hider which is illegal in NJ. Built my own Anderson lower DPMS upper, 1 in 9 twist .556, swapped stock for A2, and change to m4 72 muzzle break pinned. Added Nikon scope. Think with upgrades, scope and mags. 200 rounds through. Ran me about $620 total. Love building these. Beats dealer pricing of $700-1000. And familiarize you with all components

  17. I have an Anderson AM15 and it is very good rifle and very accurate I would put it next to the Panther DPMS Oracle for accuracy it is that good,fit and finish are fantastic, I also considered Wyndham,DPMS,and Aero Percision

  18. I have the Anderson you put as #5. it's a great rifle but the one thing I HAD to change was the trigger. it didn't always reset. it's a awesome rifle now.

  19. first video i have watched from you really informative, i liked your style until the end and you started talking about God….NOW I LOVE YOUR STYLE, God is great and i love to see people spread his message.

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