Torture test 300 rounds rapid fire AR-15 with Tula ammo

Well I found out what rapid fire with Tula would do with my AR-15, it can malfunction but normal shooting you may never have a problem. Now I know what to expect, I guess the next test will be with brass cased ammo to see how it does.

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  1. TR I just checked this video out since I just ordered an Anderson AR15 and I hope mine will preform as well as yours did in this video.  I found what I though was a good deal from Sportsman's Guide and I watched a torture test done with the Anderson and it held up well.  I would never treat my guns like that but it is good to know they can take a beating and keep on shooting.

  2. To avoid all extracter / stuck shell in chamber is easy. 2 ways. 1#-big plasic bag, put 100 rds in squirt gun oil in bag shake bag shake ammo around so all rds get oiled up insert into clip and have fun. NO more extraction problems with tullammo. 2# Loading mag with 3 rds of tull ammo and 2 brass-3 tull ammo, 2 brass so on and so forth. I prefere to do both. Super easy to do and the saveings you see in your wallet and in your ammo can, stockpile:) Happy shooting folks….

  3. Just for future watchers this vid… As it's pretty old… All malfunctions shown in this were FTF on new magazines… When you experience this it's not the ammo, the gun, or the hearing of components it's a bag mag.. Either a weak spring, or typically badly worn lips leading to double feeds
    Like seen here.. It's common issue with alum surplus mags..

  4. cooling that barrel like that is changing the metals composition at a molecular level. love the vid but u shoulda just let it get hot then cool on its own. either way you go you're taking the chance of completely destroying the barrel

  5. Notice gentlemen, he only once used the forward assist. The only time I used a forward assist with my M16 was in bc. Never had to use it again. Decades later I bought my first ar15, a S&W M&P15 SPORT (no dust cover, no forward assist). Just saying.

  6. The BCM SOPMOD bolt upgrade kit turned my jam-o-matic rifle into a beast that will eat any steel cased ammo no problem.

    It is a very well spent $35 to acquire one.

  7. Liked the video, I dont care for the ammo, I recently ran some through my budget AR and it jammed 3 times…Seems so far PMC Bronze is the best shooting and tightest groups Ive used.

  8. very awesome video tr I want that ar lol how much you want for it… lol I just started prepping myself.. awesome video man thank you so much for sharing.. good luck and happy hunting ryan..

  9. I use Tula all the time, but i make sure in between I leave my bolt open. I have had empties not extract because it "glued" inside the gun. Try that same test with just reg brass, I bet ya you wont have that problem.

  10. It may be the extractor, but if its Tula more than likely it is the coating on the ammo that is heating up and sticking to the inside of the chamber. That stuff once heated is like glue! Nice vid!

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