Trinity Force Omega Stock + other parts review – Best budget AR 1…

In this video we review some parts from a company not giving up on the 2A fight in CA, specifically their Omega Stock. Trinity Force is a manufacturer of quality, affordable AR parts located in southern CA.’s primary goal and purpose of our involvement in everything firearms and outdoors is to expose the many joys of owning firearms responsibly as well as promoting the American vision of self-defense, standing up for one’s rights, preserving liberty for all, and for providing a better sustainable life style for one’s family.

CG&P was founded by 3 brothers (Jarrod, John, & Josh) who are all family men, living in CA. Their love for camping, scouting, shooting, and America gave them the inspiration for an online media outlet based on enjoying these hobbies in CA.

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7 thoughts on “Trinity Force Omega Stock + other parts review – Best budget AR 1…”

  1. There is an allen screw on each side that tightens against the buffer tube on the version I got from can't tell if yours has them. It stops the wiggles.

  2. Just got the same one in dark tan for my rugger 556 hope it says for ruger on ebay .223 5.56 mil-spec A fram it should fit ?

  3. So I bought this stock kit. $26 or so shipped from OP. Good deal, but I finally tested this yesterday on a budget build. The “carbine” spring is actually about 3-4 coils longer than any other “carbine” spring I have. Therefore, the bolt was not cycling correctly. Went through various lowers / bolts ect while out on the range. finally decided to check the spring when I noticed a significant difference. Just those few extra coils was not letting it cycle. Seems like no one else has had this issue??

  4. Thanks for the video! I just received my stock and was trying to figure out how to remove the stock from the tube.

  5. Good video. I have this stock and was wondering how to remove it! I figured the block had something to do with it.

  6. Nice review ! this stock is on my list for a budget 7.62×39 build i'm working on. thanks for the feed back!

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