Tubb Precision AR-15 Performance Parts & Accessories

13 thoughts on “Tubb Precision AR-15 Performance Parts & Accessories”

  1. Hey David! I have bought and installed your flat wire buffer springs on both my AR-15 and AR-10. . . You Sir are a genius! The entire recoil cycle is smoothed out making follow up shots faster and more intuitive! No crappy "Sproing"noise in the tube right by my ear either! And the million cycle promise??? i believe it! Thousands of rounds between the two weapons and no appreciable diminished performance over time! Simply the best upgrades for the money out there! THANK YOU SIR! THEY ARE A BARGAIN AT ANY PRICE!

  2. Glen Zediker states in his RELOADING FOR COMPETITION that you have the CS firing pen spring available. He raves about it in his Rem 700 and says its available for AR 15. ???

  3. I am also using his buffer spring in my ar. What a difference it made. Much quieter and more consistent. My rifle shoots like its on a rail. Very solid and highly recommended. Thanks David for a great product.

  4. if you truly want to take care of business 100 to 300 yards and take out your opponent.. Get a SOCOM .458 you will knock them down no matter where you hit them you can even separate a leg or an arm from the body

  5. I have never heard so many gimmicks they are complete bullshit.. it's only an ar-15 5.56 or .223.. the ar-15 is only good to 400 yards after that it's completely worthless.. I can shoot 300 yards with iron sights with accuracy when I was in the military.. people please buy an AR 10.308 or a 6.5 Creedmoor if you want true accuracy for long range shooting.. Otherwise the ar-15 is a complete waste of time and this guy is a complete moron

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