Ultimate Guide to AR Pistols – The Legal Brief!

This week on The Legal Brief – Adam is talking about the laws surrounding AR Pistols!

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Links for this episode:

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Pistol – 27 CFR § 478.11


Firearm – 26 USC § 5845(a)


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Receiver with Buttstock


44 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide to AR Pistols – The Legal Brief!”

  1. Adam,
    Say I bought an AR15 rifle. Can I strip it down to the lower, and then have it transferred as a pistol?

  2. What if you have a rifle that isn’t registered. Could it be built into a pistol? Because by that logic none would ever know it was a rifle to begin with. No one can prove it’s ever been attached and fire from a rifle length upper.

  3. Can i put a vfg on a AR pistol with an oal greater than 26inches, starting from a removed muzzle device to end of buffer tube ?? Pls answer

  4. I just want to hear someone say the words "Yeah we all know it's a rifle, whatever the legal definition says."

  5. Can you put a vertical grip on a AR9 pistol that is 26 or 27 inches long would that still make it a pistol, hearing both ways.

  6. I just want to be clear if my ffl marks the lower rifle, I'm still able to legally build a ar pistol with that lower?

  7. Ok, I can't seem to find this answer anywhere.

    If I built and AR pistol from a stripped bought new lower, IE transferred as an "other weapon" from purchase, would it be legal to conceal it off body (as in a backpack) in a state that list your concealed carry weapon must be a "pistol."

    Can a, AR lower registered as an other weapon at purchase be changed into being registered as a pistol after your build is complete with the ATF?

  8. In CA (possible other places) its very important if the lower has NEVER been registered/sold as a rifle it can never be made into a pistol. This is MY understanding.

  9. When filling out the form for background check, anything special needs to be filled out for an AR pistol?

  10. Maybe it was in a past video, but I am unclear about foregrips on rifle pistols, vertical etc.???

  11. Question regarding 80% lowers. If you make your 80% lower into ar pistol, being unregulated, do the possession laws still apply?

  12. HORSESHIT! NO GUN SHOULD BE FIRED WITH ONE HAND! I'm NOT being a smart-ass btw, their OWN OVERREACHING, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, regulations CONTRADICT each other! Democrats are pushing training and classes as their justification for their unconstitutional permits right? Their line of thinking is that you don't want an untrained inaccurate shooter firing wildly in public. So what instructors are teaching these students to fire these so called handguns with one hand? Is the weaver stance not the most accurate stance? I may need a good attorney one of these days, because I pack Rosa Parks style. I appreciate this video because you just gave me another tool in my arsenal should I ever have to go to the Supreme Court and fight my case. I'm already going to use an entrapment defense because they made me raise my right hand and swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

  13. If I build a firearm from a virgin receiver, and the overall length 26", can a vert grip be installed, or is still an AOW?

  14. I have a question, is it legal to own an ar 15 rifle and pistol at the same time? I have heard that it is frowned upon because if you have an ar 15 rifle and pistol at the same time you have the ability to make a sbr without having a tax stamp.

  15. It really is best to have the lowers marked "pistol" and remove the ambiguity because some poor sap who gets thrown in jail and can't afford a good attorney will either have to plead guilty or lose in a show trial with a bad public defender standing there unwilling to really fight the case.

  16. so an unelected gov't agency is making laws? i thought that was designated to CONGRESS and congress ONLY.
    here's a question: if something is designed as a "pistol," let's say the 1911, and you fire it off your knee, does that change the weapon? what if you place that same 1911 up against your forehead? is the weapon different?? what if you fired it off your shoulder? again, does that change the weapon? it's still a 1911 PISTOL no matter what you do with it.

    free men do not ask for permission.

  17. if i build an ar pistol with a regular buffer tube, will it still operate with a stock on it? only going to run it with a stock on my private property where nobody will know im breaking the law lol

  18. There are many guns like the T/C Encore which can be converted to pistol and rifles with only a screwdriver so one must be careful in changing barrels to comply with the law. If one were to put a 10 inch barrel on a frame with a rifle butt stock then that would violate the NFA act. Another area is the caliber, you cannot have a pistol chamber for any cartridge over 50 caliber without registering it with ATF but there are exemptions for rifles over fifty caliber if one were to manufacture a new cartridge over fifty caliber. I hope with this new administration and congress will repeal many of these laws as they are really worthless and will entrap people to break them as many do not even know about laws like this. Firearms are a right and they are gradually being regulated out of existence and that needs to stop.

  19. When it comes down to it the government makes up the rules as we go. Build a handgun out of the ar15 and use it for home defense. When you shoulder it kill all witnesses and you have no issues.

  20. I thought the pistol has to be under 26" to classify as such. If it's over 26" it's classified as a "firearm". But a majority of AR pistols I see are well over 26" but are called a pistol so…I'm confused.

  21. How about an all encompassing video on shipping firearms? In and out of state, non FFL etc. I almost got in serious trouble recently with a rogue cop telling me I broke the law (I would have been receiving, not shipping). I had to pull out my Texas law shield card out and have their legal team sort it out for me. The gun was returned to the seller and I'm about to do a face to face transaction w him in about 15 mins so it all worked out OK

  22. Please make a video about AK pistols. Can you permanently instal a folding adapter with a pistol buffer tube and a shockwave brace to an AK pistol?

  23. Can we get an attempt to clarify the new California "Assault Weapons" registration in how it deals with the bullet button. It says that once registered with the bullet button it cannot be removed unless it is converted to featureless and deregistered. Could an AR-15 have a standard mag release installed before registering?

  24. Is it legal to build an AR Pistol now in 2017 California?  Either from a previously bought "Virgin" Lower, or out of an 80% lower?

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