(UNBOXING) Complete lower parts kit for my new AR-15 receiver

16 thoughts on “(UNBOXING) Complete lower parts kit for my new AR-15 receiver”

  1. I've used a few of the lower parts on some Spikes Builds they Run Perfect . A tip for you I always watch Gungod556's video real time maybe 15-20 min DIY lower build .I have used it as a reference video on all 6 builds . I like it because you can pause the video as you go . Happy New Year H4T !!!

  2. There uppers are pretty good too if your doing a decent budget build. The cold hammer forged barrels are made by FN

  3. Nice, my sons lower is completely assembled waiting for the upper. This is my second build from Palmetto State Armory parts and I wouldn't worry about it jamming. The first one is two years old and haven't had any problems. Have a Happy New Year.

  4. Good luck with your build and Happy Shooting.I went with the del-ton and it runs like a train, couldn't be happier.Next one will be a PSA. Hope you have a very Happy New Year.

  5. i bought an anderson arms barrel from primary arms out of TX and it came packaged very well, just like your's. I am very happy with that company and it looks like palmetto has good service as well. I am currently piecing my 2017 rifle build together. Anderson lower, anderson barrel, with an MI free flot m-lock handguard.

  6. Happy New Year Paul!

    See, I have a problem with the basic kit parts. I like Spike's tungsten buffers, JP springs, non-standard triggers, and I prefer the CTR to the MOE because of the rattle. So I like that some places are now offering very basic parts kits without triggers or stocks, that way I don't have too many wasted parts.

  7. Nice. Building your own AR15 or a Handgun of some type would be awsome. Now I am thinking about that even more. Thanks 🙂

  8. Thinking about slowly building a .300 blackout rifle. May need to just get me a lower and start the process.

  9. Don't end up one of those budget build guys. Behind every blade of grass, is a guy trying to un-jam his budget build… 🙂

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