What is a Bump Stock? Should it be illegal?!

How does a bump stock work? This video will demonstrate how a bumpstock works when attached to a Semi-Automatic AR-15. This has been in the news quite a bit lately as the United States government holds hearings on whether this gun accessory should be banned.

This video shows how a Bump Stock works, and what it can accomplish while attached to an AR-15.

It is currently illegal for private United states citizens to own a fully automatic firearm. (As of 1986) BUT bump stocks are only an accessory to a rifle, and don’t actually alter the gun to fire automatically. So they are totally legal as of the posting of this video, anyone can buy one, and anyone can shoot with one.

The question is: Should it stay legal? or should this accessory be regulated?

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The camera I used to film this video: http://amzn.to/2p7GtkX
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37 thoughts on “What is a Bump Stock? Should it be illegal?!”

  1. I love guns, but assholes who open carry their Ar-15 for no reason other than get bothered, and cause controversy, are mentally ill….. and anyone who says " i always have my ar-15 on me, cuz what if 15 guys try to kidnap my kids" is fucking mentally ill…..and un reasonable…. or the man is a serious drug lord and has many enemies… and is in that case, mentally ill…. I love guns… shoot em at the range all u want, have them in your home all you want, but shut the fuck up about em…. people who wanna show off their guns when u walk in the door to their house, those are children and probably shouldnt own one…. its okay to have a hobby and have some pride in that hobby, but u have to be reasonable…. Open carrying an ar-15 at a anti gun rally is something mentally ill people do…… a normal person would just show up, lightly armed, or un armed… but assholes who find every chance they get to show off their gun, that is a person that needs to be watched for…cuz hes living in a fantasy world in his head where he is the director, produce, star, and the only survivor….


  3. That should be illegal. Full auto weapons are illegal, and a bump stock allows a semi-auto gun to fire at the same rate as a full auto weapon, possibly faster than some full auto weapons.

  4. everywhere else in the modern world not just bump stocks are illegal.. AR15's ARE ILLEGAL! jesus.. when are you gonna wake up, america?

  5. Should show the group you get, tip: you'll need a big target. I want to see you do it while looking through the scope! Folks would pay money to see that! Another thing clips are exactly that they "clip" the bullets together like you see on an M1 Garand. Another little tip. You can just stuff your rounds straight down into the MAGAZINE, no sliding each one in necessary, that's handgun mags and some .22's. Hope this helps you reach your more educated decision. Not to sound rude but I am no "gun expert" either but you claimed to have "owned many" guns and your family has as well. That should have familiarized you more than you show to be in this video.

  6. Trump supporters make sure to vote in your state midterm elections. We have to protect our Country! the democrats will try to impeach our President and take our 2nd Amendment away.
    Vote em out!! to avoid a civil war.


  8. looks like it could severely compromise the barrel integrity by overheating it if its not designed for that firing rate.

  9. Yes everything can be used for something bad but the hole comcept of guns is to kill not to have fun! it may be possible to have fun with firearms but its still not the intended purpose!

  10. I'm disappointed my brother! A "clip" , really?? Being that you said where you lived and said that you were around guns your whole life, I don't know how to take you seriously when you say "clip", when it's a magazine… Anyone that has been around guns, like you say, would know NOT to call the magazine, a "clip"?? Lol

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