Wheelers AR-15 Armorer’s Kit Review & Demo

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Wheelers AR Armorers Essentials Kit for the home builder, repairs, maintenance, cleaning and installing accessories on your AR-15 rifle. Starting at $99 at Brownells.com, it’s a great way to have the tools you need that can be added to if desired.

Brownells.com http://www.brownells.com/

Wheelers AR Armorers Essentials Kit: http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/general-gunsmith-tools/gunsmithing-tool-kits/ar-armorers-kits-prod56972.aspx

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22 thoughts on “Wheelers AR-15 Armorer’s Kit Review & Demo”

  1. i need a good all around tool kit for my pistols/rifles that wont break the bank.. my bank is pretty empty lol… im talking less than $120… what would you recommend? Or what brand of punches/tools would you recommend if i bought everything separately? Thanks for your time and reading.

  2. Good infomercial. The one thing that should be covered, that wasn't, is the proper use of your "torch" wrench. The torque wrench needs to be put on the armorer's wrench in a ninety-degree orientation to avoid multiplying or diminishing the torque.

  3. Saw this kit at MidwayUSA.com for $79.95.
    Not bad for everything you get. I just picked one up at Academy Sports for $59.95! They had it priced wrong, still sold it to me at that price, normally priced $99. Glad I got it for $60, don't believe that I would have paid $99!
    As always, great review!

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