X95 Accuracy Test Cheap Ammo VS a BCM AR 15 “Are the Rumors True”

For this video we tested the IWI X95 at 100 yards with Wolf 55 gr. Freedom Munitions 55 gr. reman and Federal 55 gr. sided by side with the BCM 14.5 in. AR 15 to test out if the rumors are true about the accuracy issues of the X95.

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  1. Really wanted one of these, but I'm a lefty and my fiancé is a righty so this rifle wouldn't work for both of us since the ejection port is so far back, either of us would have to deal with hot brass in the face. Why the AR platform is king of the semi-auto magazine fed rifles.

  2. I purchased the 18 inch Tavor SAR. The X95 needs more work in terms of basic accuracy. Down the line as they further improve the X95 I would still be interested. Say what you will, IWI still builds quality firearms. Pricey, yes. However, accuracy for the X95 is just all over the place and a deal breaker for me! Thanks for your review and for MAC’s confirmation.

  3. Excuses, excuses. If you sell a nearly $2K rifle the expectations must be to perform reasonably accurate at 100 yards. Heck, a cheaper AK sending a heavier round can perform better than this thing. IWI is asking us to give up any semblance of accuracy for compactness. Forrrrget about it!

  4. Looks like you have a nice trigger on your AR and OEM on the X95. What’s with that?

  5. Hope IWI plans on updating their Tavor system.

    IWI should make X95 more accurate. It's accuracy is garbage. Next they need to make it easier to (fully) disassemble. Lastly its reliability needs to improve when put in adverse conditions.

    I think the Tavor weapons system's over priced and over hyped.

  6. Thanks man, I own a x95 with a 1in7" — 16" BARREL TO, you need to use 62gr– 69gr–or77gr, AMMO ONLY, WITH THE 1in7" barrel, hope this is helpful to you"!! ROBERT WALKER, REIDSVILLE, N.C.

  7. About what you would expect from a rifle using a barrel that's not screwed in, not free floated, and uses a long stroke gas system. Even the AK 47 was screwed into the receiver and the AKM pressed into the trunnion with a heavy duty press and pinned. The Robinson M96 was probably closer to the X95 with the QD barrel and those shot the same kind of groups.

  8. I think only valid gun accuracy test is when the gun is fixed in a bench rest. Otherwise, the shooter is the one really being tested.

  9. If you are a soldier in a battle, you will prefer 5" groups at 100 yards or worse as long as the damn thing keeps on firing when the trigger is pressed. That's what the rifle was designed to do.

  10. The wind was kicking up alot more when he was shooting the Tavor as well. You could hear the gusts alot more. Not saying he ain't wrong but I don't think the testing level was the same. Also he was saying the scopes were sighted in differently as well. 1st time was out to 100 yards and the the 2nd test was sighted in at 25. Not sure how that figured into it as well.

  11. Thanks for the video. It's a bummer though . I was thinking of getting into a x95, but that accuracy is horrible. The whole point of the bullpup is so that you can have a gun that's nice and compact for close range that you can still employ at longer ranges. With accuracy like that, hitting 10" plates at 200 is a crap shoot.

  12. Either your optic wasn't mounted right, or you suck at shooting.
    Mine gets 2" groups all day at 100 yards.
    Heres a hint. The trigger doesn't break at the wall, it breaks after the wall. You're jerking the trigger before it breaks.

  13. Between this video and MAC, the IWI X95 is now off my list… Bummed, as I like the bullpup design of the X95.

  14. You are not being unrealistic in expecting rack grade accuracy out of a 1800 dollar+ rifle. If anything it should be shooting MOA with Match ammunition, and 2-3 MOA with BALL. Yes the rifle is not a DMR, but its also not a piece of shit either and 5 MOA-6 MOA is not acceptable under any circumstances. I have seen people get better accuracy from a pedersoli 1861 springfield with a 3x scope at 100 yards where 3 MOA is considered a tight group.

  15. Definetly barrel heating up issue. And not being free floated or the barrel touching when the bipod is on there. Need a heavier contour barrel, and someway to straighten out the harmonics. Glad to see this, definetly wouldn't buy this.

  16. My Chinese AK produces better groups than the X95. That's really sad.

    Still love the original Tavor though. Out of the original and the new X95 I would take the old one. I've shot the old one before and it produced decent groups for a gun with a terrible trigger.

    Good video!

  17. Put your hand on top of the scope limit movement and I guarantee better groups. Especially to military arms channel……

  18. It's not designed for that, you said it and you're right. The X95 is for going house to house. When the IDF needs to reach out and touch someone they have their medium machine guns, their snipers and especially their tanks. It's an extremely reliable, tough bullpup that has good enough accuracy out to 200 or more meters if need be, but it's not a DMR, again it's for closed quarters with a rifle round.

  19. I've heard that the rail on the X95 is not free floated so it screws up the barrel harmonics. I had a Tavor that was as accurate as any AR i've ever shot but it didn't have a rail, etc…

  20. Why do people do accuracy tests without locking the weapon down in a gun vise? If you want a proper accuracy test, you need to remove the shooter (and his errors) from the equation as much as possible. Furthermore, you fired the X95 with eye pro on and the AR without it on. That allowed you to have completely different perceptions of the target. Not a valid test.

  21. The 77 grain OTM their version of the MK 262 round is what the IDF uses in their Tavors, which works well with the 1 in 7 twist rate of the barrel.

  22. Expecting the Tavor X-95 to compete with a longer gun at 100 yards is like expecting the long gun to perform as well as the X-95 in a close quarters situation, or driving finish nails with a framing hammer. They are two different tools, designed for two different purposes. I own several .223/5.56 rifles, including a SCAR and the Tavor X-95. I am extremely please with how well the X-95 performs when used for its intended purpose.

  23. It is what it is, but!
    Most of these rifles are not worth a thousand bucks. AR's are not thousand dollar guns. AK''s are not $800 guns, there not!!! We need to settle down (Trump won) and let these gun and ammo manufacturers come back to reality!!! The scare is over we made them a lot of money now give us a break!!!!

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